How to make money on OTC and DeFi crypto market

This article gives a broad overview of OTC trading, crypto and DeFi market and Marsbase platform in general. It will be especially interesting and useful to read to everyone who has not yet encountered OTC. You will get an understanding of how to trade crypto and earn money on the OTC market with any budget.

Marsbase defi otc trading platform
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The term OTC (Over-the-Counter) refers to the purchases or sales of assets that are made directly between two parties, and not through crypto or DeFi exchanges.

The over-the-counter crypto market is still very young and poorly regulated. There is no common understanding of how to work with this instrument. Until recently there was no exchange that would provide the safest crypto exchange transactions and lowest fees. In general, there are not so many OTC platforms or managers in the crypto world. And those who exist cannot provide a wide spectrum of coins to choose from. Usually, it’s 8 to 15 currencies max.

For this reason, investors are more likely to use centralized or decentralized exchanges. But there they will face the following problems: limited liquidity, strong price impact when making large transactions, slippage and more.

What is slippage in crypto? Slippage is the difference between the value of a trade at the time of its creation and its final execution. This happens on CEX — centralized exchanges due to the difference in prices for buying and selling and the amount of available liquidity at certain prices in the market.

Price impact happens due to the limited liquidity available for the transaction. The exhaustion of available liquidity significantly reduces the price of an asset and results in the loss of money on any transaction associated with it. This is especially true for large transactions of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. There are a lot of such transactions in the crypto market, and they take place every minute.


So why do we even need OTC trading in crypto?

Because the process of crypto trading can and should be better. OTC exchanges are P2P which means that money goes from one wallet to another. No slippage, as the token price is fixed from the beginning. Minimal price impact, as you do not sell huge volumes on the general market. Win-win for every market participant.

However, the world would be perfect if OTC trading was so easy. But unfortunately, most of the time the entry threshold to the OTC market is very high. OTC market is considered to be a place where only crypto whales meet to make transactions of millions of dollars.

This is partly true, more precisely, it was until recently. Now Marsbase unlocks large OTC trades for investors smaller budgets. All thanks to the new decentralized OTC platform Marsbase with the function of partial deals.

On Marsbase you can participate in large trades without having large amounts of liquidity. Retail investors can act as bidders in partial trades and contribute to closing the offers with smaller bids.

Our OTC trading platform is created for retail investors as much as for whales, and is ideal for them. Retail investors are individuals who have medium to small trading budgets. In other words, these are ordinary people who want to properly manage their money and possibly earn some more. For them, Marsbase can be a very useful tool. This is because on Mars you can not only create OTC deals, acting as an offer maker, but also participate in deals, suggesting offer makers your own prices and conditions. That is to be a bidder.

Marsbase provides users with the best OTC and DeFi trading conditions: we have discount prices on altcoins, lowest fees, widest range of token pairs and safe and anonymous deals.

Retail investors can earn money on several things on Marsbase:

  • Income from sharing personalized links to offers. We call them deeplinks. Every person that followed the link and participated in the offer brings additional income to the offer or link creator.
  • Arbitrage is another way to use Marsbase to make money on OTC crypto deals. How to do it is described more in detail in our following article. 


As for whales, influencers and bloggers, founders and teams of DeFi projects, launchpads and VCs, they all may have large amounts of liquidity in the form of a portfolio of altcoins. 

Specifically for them Marsbase also :

  • Sell ​​or buy a large amount of assets (any liquidity) as profitably and quickly as possible
  • Get access to OTC deals without long KYC onboardings, etc.
  • Anonymously trade in large volumes
  • Accumulate as large an allocation as possible (which can be difficult to buy at once on the market)
  • Exchange mined liquidity for other crypto assets
  • Bring tokens to the market without pressure on their price
  • Keep investors from dumping tokens for as long as possible and/or evenly


Making money on Marsbase crypto OTC trading platform

Both retail investors and whales can play 2 roles on Marsbase:

  1. You can be an offer maker, that is, create buy/sell offers.
  2. You can be a bidder, that is, respond to an offer created by someone with your bid.

Additionally, we implemented 2 types of orders: Part and Best bid.

PART mode allows you to split a large offer into smaller parts. If the volume of assets is large, then it is better to sell it to many participants at once. 

Part mode is made to conduct fractional or discrete trades. As the name suggests, this type can be used to partially close deals. The system automatically splits the buy or sell offer into parts of different sizes (bids). Due to a large number of bidders, both full and partial closing of this deal is possible. This type of transaction will allow you to sell a large volume of medium or low liquid assets to more people in a moderate amount of time.

PART deals are flexible in setting the terms, minimum bid size, premiums or discounts, and other parameters. These options are not available for Best bid deals. Yet, you can set a limit from 30 minutes to several days for the execution time of the transaction. At the same time, do not forget that long-term auctions can lose their attractiveness in a volatile market.

The Best bid mode is suitable if you want to evaluate the offer from different market participants (bidders) who are ready to buy your asset at the price you set. At the same time, they can offer you discounts or, conversely, prices above the market (premium). Once you receive several offers, you can choose the best one or reject all of them. The main thing to remember is that the offer is 100% closed by one bidder, and your task is to choose the best bid.

The Best bid mode will suit offer makers who want to select market offers themselves. Regardless of whether it is a buy or sell offer, the offer maker can choose the best rate offered by bidders and close the deal according to it.

The platform is also unique as it gathers large investors who create large offers and other market players who can also use the platform as bidders.

For the most convenient ways of making large deals, we plan to add different transaction models. This will best suit the assets with an uncertain market price (for private or public sale, presale, as well as secondary market sales).


Making OTC deal fast and profitable

The platform allows offer makers to set a price that is favorable to both buyers and sellers. As a tool to influence demand, we have come up with two options that can be used as desired. For this reason, you may use discounts to sell an asset or premium price to buy a particular token.

A discount is simply a reduced price you set on an asset you want to buy or sell.

A premium is an increased price of an asset.

If you are a bidder, then you can offer your conditions to the PART offermaker of the deal. If you are an offermaker, then you can specify your conditions for the Best Bid of the deal.


How to use Marsbase

You can learn more on how to use Marsbase from articles and video guides, I will leave them in the description of the video:

  1. How to navigate the Marsbase OTC Desk and search for suitable offers using various filters
  2. What is the difference between the Manual (Best Bid) and Part deal modes, and how to use the Discount and Premium features
  3. How to create offers to sell or buy cryptocurrencies on Marsbase dOTC
  4. How to close offers and cancel bids


Key elements on Mars

There are few more components without which Marsbase just would not be the same: the MBase utility token, Marsbase NFT collections, Marsbase Ambassadors Program, Marsdome DAO and OTC army.


MBase utility token

For the first time, a crypto OTC desk, and even a decentralized one, is launching its utilitarian ERC-20 and BSC-20 (multi-chain in the future) token. We call it MBase.

MBase is used across the whole Marsbase ecosystem, and it is also a governance token that gives voting rights to Marsbase dOTC users. 

The MBase utility lies in the fact that the token will act as a fuel for OTC transactions and be used in all platform modules from the Ambassador program and NFT upgrade to the reputation layer and dark pools, from farming to deep links in the OTC Army.

Holding MBase tokens will allow you to:

  • save on OTC deals by getting a discount off Marsbase fees
  • receive a cashback of up to 50% from transactions
  • pin your OTC deals higher in the feed list to attract more attention
  • buy NFT cards, items or magic boxes with 3 to 5 random items from our marketplace 
  • upgrade NFT levels it by paying in MBase
  • temporarily upgrade reputation to participate in OTC deals with better conditions


Mars NFT and reputation

For the OTC market, reputation is everything. We are aware of this, so we are introducing reputation levels, a task center, and many other social functions that will allow you to get the best OTC conditions, prices, large allocations, farming conditions, and much more.

On Marsbase, you will be able to grow your status, earn reputation and expand the circle of investors with whom you do business, find people with similar strategies and values, and combine efforts and capital into pools. Collaboration between crypto whales and retail investors will become possible.


Marsdome DAO

For large investors we will offer flexible fees and a loyalty program, which is not yet available on any OTC platform. 

The DAO participants get special VIP access to most profitable hot deals, highest cashback from all OTC operations in mBase tokens, which can be immediately sold on the market. The cashback level will depend on the user’s account level and reputation, as well as on staking sizes.

There is no KYC procedure on the platform, so we maintain the complete anonymity of the parties, but at the same time, we guarantee the safety of transactions thanks to smart contracts.


Marsbase Ambassadors Program

The Marsbase Ambassador program is one of the best in the galaxy. Here are some facts that will confirm this immodest statement for us.

Our ambassadors always know how big is their reward, what timeframe and payment conditions they have. Therefore, you can always plan your income and the time it will take to complete the task! And even if something is not clear, the project team is always in touch and will be able to advise you on any issue.

An important aspect is that our program was launched after we developed the product. This is a huge benefit to you as you understand that the risk of program cancellation or non-payment of rewards is reduced to zero.


OTC Army

OTC Army is a Discord chat for those who want to support the Marsbase project on social media. Our project has a large community, but if we act together, our voices will be even louder.

Users who help promote the project will now be able to claim prizes for their systematic activity. This project fully complies with the concept of WEB 3.0 — users develop the project and also receive dividends from this. As always, there is a possibility of an airdrop for early adopters.

We will join forces for the benefit of the entire community and will be able to promote our content better!


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